MDNA MyNetball registration open

Date of event: Tuesday January 1, 2019

The MyNetball system will be open from 1st January for registrations.


All members must self-register using the MyNetball log-in portal. You will need your MyNetball ID and your password. If you dont know your ID number, get in touch with your club or look up using the MyNetball system. Follow link to register MyNetball Registration


$100 registration voucher available to students in years K - 12 available

Is this you or your child? Read on to see if you can use this for your registration.

All students in years K - 12 registering to play netball at Maitland are eligible to receive a $100 voucher as part of the Active Kids program. This must be used at the time of registration, you cannot be reimbursed. To find out more, ask your Club and make sure they are accepting your $100 voucher. Remember, this is for ALL children, so whether you have 1, 3 or more they are each entitled to the voucher for registration. 

Dont miss out, register to receive your voucher now!! For more information go to Active Kids




Last updated: Monday December 17, 2018
Author: Maitland Netball Asssoc